Libra Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 May

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Prepare yourself for important changes in the love terrain this week. The stars will bring you good vibrations to solve all the conflicts you’ve been going through. Reconciliations will take place and a stable relationship will strengthen your bond.

Single Libras shouldn’t get emotionally involved yet, at least until you get over the fear of commitment. Towards the end of the week, someone special will appear in your life, but it’s not advisable to force any situation.

If you don't expect perfection and ideal love, you will appreciate the value of real relationships, with their ups and downs, pros and cons. In the same way, your self-esteem will improve as the week goes by, which will help you have better relationships with others.

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Being prudent with money will be your priority this week. It’s not a good time for investments, mortgages or loans that will make your present economic situation even worse.

Act diplomatically and subtly in the work environment, as you will have to face criticism and misunderstandings. In the end, your problems will be solved thanks to the support of your colleagues, but the final result depends on your attitude.

Think before you speak and don't rush your economic or professional matters. It’ll be a week of delicate balance that will require all your attention and self-control. There will be pleasant surprises in the form of extra income and promotions if you manage to collaborate with your superiors.


At the beginning of the week, you will still feel the consequences of the stress you suffered last week. Somatizations will appear in the form of muscle pain and headaches. However, towards the weekend, you’ll feel relieved since your health will improve and you’ll be able to recover your strength.

Your mood, which has been affected by anxiety and nerves since last week, will finally begin to improve. It’s important that you learn how to calm your mind and release negative emotions.

Look for the most spiritual and elevated part inside you to see life from a broader perspective. Turn to therapy if necessary, and above all, remember that your emotional well-being directly affects your physical health.