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The week begins with a complete emotional revolution: you’ll meet a person who’ll complement you both physically and mentally. If you already have a partner, this won't prevent your heart from racing facing such a spectacle.

Their charm and charisma will disturb you deeply and you’ll be thinking about them for the whole week. What are you going to do, Libra? End your relationship for the whim of fate?

It may be a sign to welcome this person to your life, but as a friend. Twin souls don’t necessarily need to have a carnal connection. Attraction indicates that you have to be together in some way.  

And if you’re single, then let your hair down and celebrate the true attraction. You won’t have to do much, the other person will take care of everything.

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You’ll have to face various expenses this week that will make you feel really low. Don’t let something as ordinary as money spoil your day, Libra.

Remember that better financial times will come. Make those payments with resignation and try to avoid making the same mistakes next time.

This week’s economic tendency has roots in previous reckless expenses. It is a karmic effect that has taken a long time to come into your life; however, once paid off, you’ll get yourself back on track of economic abundance.


On Monday you’ll feel powerful and set yourself big nutritional goals. You’re fed up with living in the state of decay that you’ve been going through lately. Renewing your meals is definitely the best idea.

Apart from controlling what you eat, certain negative thoughts start taking over you. Libra, even if you think about it non-stop, you won’t get closer to discovering the truth.

Focus on your routines, good habits and well-being, and you'll see that any episode of depression in your head will soon disappear.