Libra Weekly Horoscope
Libra Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The weekly prediction for Libras promises novelties and changes regarding love. On the one hand, and at the beginning of the week there will be a lot of sexual movement, as well as romantic adventures and kisses, both for singles and for those in a relationship.

On the other hand, towards the middle of the week, your personal charm will help you achieve everything you want to. Single Libras won’t have to make much effort to conquer the person they’re attracted to.

Finally, the horoscope predicts that towards the weekend Libras will have to face serious difficulties related to negative energy of their past experiences. You’ll have to let go of certain situations and say goodbye to some people.

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When it comes to your economy, it’s highly probable that at the beginning of the week a close person will ask you for financial help. You’ll also have to do lots of paperwork regarding money.

In terms of work, Magic Horoscope predicts that you’ll have to be patient waiting for the expected results. You’ll have to manage your team well so that everyone goes towards the same objective; otherwise, you’ll fail.

Finally, towards the end of the week, Libras are likely to start new a business. You may also be offered promotions or quite significant improvements within your job.


You’ll start the week in a very stressful way. Tension will follow you till the weekend weakening your body and making you feel tired.

This week you’ll also be obligated to face a situation that terrifies you. Your personal growth is at stake and you can no longer dodge or run away; it's time to take control.

By the end of the week, you’ll feel empowered and strong enough to handle all areas of your life perfectly. On an emotional and psychological level, this force will give you a lot of self-confidence, and with it, you’ll be able to undertake a very promising path of evolution.