Libra Weekly Horoscope for 8 - 14 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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- Love
- Money
- Health


Love in the domains of Libra will receive a new impulse at the very beginning of the week. Some days, e.g. on Tuesday, you’ll have to give space to other feelings, like friendship. A very special person will come into your life and illuminate you with his/her wisdom.

As the days go by you’ll evolve towards a contemplative state of love, which will help you reflect and explore new needs. In order to get rid of monotony, collapse and blockages, you’ll have to discover the fun side of love.

Single Libras must leave behind the victimization that prevents you from showing your true self. This week you’ll have unique opportunities to meet wonderful people. If you manage to act confidently and naturally, you may attract the miracle of love.

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This week your priority should be taking care of your accounts so you can optimize growth and use it to your advantage. Although you’ll get some offers to increase your income, remember the importance of prudence and don't make past mistakes.

You have to update your economy. In the middle of the week you’ll have to take care of some payments and pay off your debts before embarking on new investments. Pay close attention to Sunday; you’ll have a new opportunity to expand your business.

You have to overcome adversity by going to work with a positive mentality. The opinions of others can help you improve your results, but you must be willing to listen. Be meticulous with ordinary jobs, and learn to go against the tide. 


It’ll be a wonderful and miraculous week for Libra women who want to have a baby. The stars will be on your side and bless you with the gift of fertility.

Digestive problems may affect Libras at the beginning of the week.

These days will also be ideal for the evolution of your inner-self. Try some new activities such as meditation and relaxation techniques. Even though you may catch a cold and feel sickly for a couple of days, your loved ones will take care of you.

You’ll face the weekend with renewed energy and physical fullness, which will give you new perspectives and allow you to use your body more intelligently. On Sunday, focus on your diet and explore healthier options, such as organic food.