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Libra Magical Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th February

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It seems that some single Libras don’t want a long-term relationship with someone close to them out of fear for what others would say and because of what making changes in their life could mean for them.

If they look around themselves from the most objective point of view possible, they may realize that the people around them haven’t evolved as much as they have. Love is much more than a simple question of looks, age or gender since it sparks a much more transcendental union between two people that’s far beyond these trivial things.

Those that truly care about you will accept and respect your decisions and those that don’t might not value you as much as you thought or as much as you wished they did. Realizing this last bit is difficult to assume, especially when it’s someone close to you.


When it comes to claiming what’s yours, there’s no one like you. You’ve already figured out which legal tools you can put together to tackle this situation and to find a solution.

It may sound like a joke, but the background and knowledge that you can gain out of this experience could lead you to truly getting interested in law, and even to the point in which you decide to change your career or to get involved in more social causes. You may decide to collaborate with an organization that is dedicated to defending the rights of the most disadvantaged. In any case, you shouldn’t ignore this deepening curiosity that you’re feeling.


For those born under the Libra sign, nature is like what cold water is to a burn: a strong salve that relieves all of the pain. The natural environment is what will help you to connect with your deepest self and to discover what you really want, beyond just helping you to sort out your feelings and to get your priorities straight.

Today, more than ever, you’ll need to take this walk in the countryside or on the beach that you enjoy doing so much.

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