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Libra Magical Horoscope for 6th February

Check Your Forecast for Today, Tuesday 6th February
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Libra, sometimes your greatest weakness is being too kind, because of this it is easy for people to take advantage of you… whether it’s your partner, your friends, or other people, both familiar and unfamiliar.

To prevent people from using you, you’ll have to look out for certain clues that people leave behind. If you ignore these signs, it’s in your hands, because this would be directly asking for this type of abuse. Here’s the key: when you do someone so many favors and you notice that this person never returns them, this means that they’re only pretending to be your friend because it’s convenient to them.

But it doesn’t matter what they say, you’ll continue to help others, even if it’s detrimental to you…because your aura shines so brightly wherever you go. They’ll never stop you from shining!


You’re going through a difficult time at work. Lately, your performance has been affected by unforeseen circumstances and this makes it hard for you to concentrate. To make matters worse, the people in your environment don’t provide you with constructive criticism, rather, their intention is to harm you.

Although you may be going through hard times, you’re above all of this. This is a unique opportunity for you to show people your natural grace when it comes to getting out of tedious situations and learn from the experience.

If all else fails, the cosmos will facilitate your job search and you’ll find a new job quickly, so don’t be afraid to face this situation. You have enough economic cushion to help you to cope with tomorrow’s challenges.


Are you drinking enough water? Start a routine that helps you to remember to drink more. A glass of water before and after each meal would be a good first step. Your water intake tends to be erratic during this time of the year. Not drinking enough water could provoke kidney stones, besides the fact that dehydration accelerates the aging of cells. Avoid putting too much salt on your food as well.

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