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The Friday January 19th Libra Horoscope

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Love is one of your priorities in life because you are ruled by the planet Venus. You follow your heart to take decisions and, because of this, you tend to start the day confused and apathetic the days when Venus has a lot of influence on you. 

The days in which you are not influenced by Venus, your character is different and you are full of positive energies. You even smile more and have a different aspect. In the end, both the good and bad qualities are in you, so it is up to you weather to be cheerful or apathetic today. 



You have become a link between your colleagues almost without noticing. Thanks to your qualities, your companions find their common things throughout your help, and that is something for which they are very thankful. 

Your work mates will recognize your charming personality because you spend time organizing plans and meetings among the staff. Drinks after work would not be possible if you were not part of the company. Feel proud of their impression about you. 



You do not feel bad for being different than the rest. You are the first one who tries new things and new experiences. Yu are keen on experimenting and you are not afraid of the unknown. 

However, try to slow down a little bit in this sport you are practising and do not push yourself too hard. Stars do not predict good things coming to you unless you rest for a while. 


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