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The Saturday January 20th Libra Stars Prediction

The complete prediction about love, money and health
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You have placed two very different people on the both sides of the scale, which will get you totally confused because you’ll see they share more things than you could expect.

Being single is great because it allows you to meet more than one person at the same time before making the commitment of engaging to one of them. Something in your soul tells you that you still need to find out a bit more about these two people before deciding

Don’t be afraid and have a go! You want to convince yourself you’re in the right direction and you’ll try to find any sense in a relationship with the person you finally decide.




When you less expect something extraordinary to happen, it might. A brilliant opportunity could come to you very soon. It will be difficult to see it as a good one to take advantage of. No need to panic: take your time to explore it. 

Attending classes of a training course will bring more professional opportunities to you although you don't think it could happen. It will also help you specialize yourself in your favourite working field. Time goes by very quickly when you're doing something you love, so the day could fly away without noticing. 



You’ve been thinking negatively for a very long time, but it’s getting worse now. You might start feeling little illnesses related to your mood. These illnesses start their fertilisation when you are in touch with fatigues and feel like crying.

Be careful with your hobbies: there is one which is very dangerous and you might get addicted to it. If it happens, then it’ll be too late to get back. Only time knows about it.

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