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The Wednesday January 17th Libra Horoscope

The stars predictions for Libra
The predictions for Libra according to the stars |


The new moon time will shine deeply on you and you will have the chance of showing your sensuality. You will leave your routine problems behind, as well as your insecurities and the everyday-life ugly truth: you know what you want and you will go for it. 

Your body will help you getting what you want, but to make others understand what you look for you will need someone by your side. Be careful with the star sign of your couple, because some of them -especially Virgo and Cancer- may not be receptive and your expectations could end up in nothing. 



What will favur you, rather than doing a big investment, is starting a saving plan. Ia a month in which people notice the increase of basic services, this kind of investments is not the most appropriate idea. It will be better for you to focus your attention in the saving plan or attend the bank and ask for information. 

You will prioritize the big outlays and, within some months, you will have enough money and will enjoy, after a very long time, a well-deserved holidays 



You should reduce your life routine and not get stressed as it could cause hair loss and headaches to you. Apply green tea on your head is a good solution to fight against this loss. 

On the other side, the best way for a Libra to fight against nerves is attending the gym regularly or doing some exercise. A complete blood analysis will also help you feel better: it will show you that there is no need to worry about your health. 


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