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Neptune and Uranus will work to make your love like two otherworldly souls in harmony. You'll feel strongly connected to your partner. You'll be able to finish each others' sentences!

But this won't stop at intuition. A high level of emotional harmony will allow you to discuss both topics of a serious nature and just relax with light-hearted conversation.

This may not seem so strange, but this is actually quite rare! This is one of the main reasons that couples fight: they're out of sync. So, congrats! 

If you're single you might make a friend that will leave you feeling so complete that you won't even want to be in a relationship. If you don't feel that spark of chemistry, that's because the physical attraction between you is limited or null.


Do you eat out too often? This is almost worse for your pocketbook than your health, Libra! You don't have many expenses, but the one thing that gets you is having a place to go where the food is already made.

Unfortunately, the price of this little treat is one of the highest. You pay an exorbitant amount of money compared to what the food and preparation actually cost the restaurant...

Today you'll think hard about your expenses, and you'll reach rational conclusions. Even if you have no other choice but to eat out, drinking fresh squeezed orange juice should be totally off limits for you. This is the most inflated 'culinary product' on the market!


Are you someone that's all about eating a good breakfast in the morning? That's great Libra - this is the meal that will keep you in a great mood throughout the day. Also, it gives you a big dose of the energy that you need for your daily life.

But, sometimes you experience stomach pain or acid reflux early in the morning. Why is this?

To keep this from happening and to carry on with your routine, as usual, remember that it isn't a good idea to eat foods with a lot of saturated fat on an empty stomach! If you exclude industrial baked goods from your breakfast, you'll have a fantastic day, Libra.