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Libra Planetary Prediction for Tuesday, January 30th

The complete planetary prediction on health, money, and love
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Libra’s freedom should never be questioned. If you want to disappear for a few days or have some space from your significant other, you should be able to do so without shattering consequences.

This side of your personality craves it and as weird as it may seem, it’s your way of showing love. You’re constantly trying to be the best version of yourself and you fear having a negative impact on the mood of those around you, so you prefer to stay away from them.

Whatever may happen, your efforts today will focus on not feeling like a party pooper walks in and ruins it all.



You like your job, but you’re starting to get tired of the inconvenient schedule that they’ve assigned you. You don’t like to feel forced to be productive every morning because waking up is hard for you, you need to take your time and have a few coffees before you get going.

Today your body is suffering more than usual and you’re also eager to receive your paycheck. You’ve decided to start a savings plan and even though it’s the first month that you’ve started saving part of your salary, you can already picture yourself reclining in the easy chair that you’ve had your eyes on.


The time that you’ve been spending on gambling is starting to become compulsive and could be turning into an impulse control disorder, a condition that makes you start to feel obligated to gamble and place bets.

The time has come to fix this situation and settle it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it turns into a priority in your life and don’t allow more important things like family, friends or even eating to fall into second place.

Talk to your loved ones about the situation and if you are able, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help.

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