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The Sunday January 28th Libra Stars Prediction

Libra: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Under the mask of conqueror you've been hiding that is worrying you and you don't want to share with others. If you do so, you'll feel much better and you'll be able to be yourself again. Libras tend to adapt any situation thanks to their astuteness and sense of justice, but sometimes they have to do an extra effort to show themselves as they are and act with spontaneously.

All of it has created an insecurity in you which has to disappear, and the way to do it is accepting and loving your imperfections. You'll test yourself today.


Although you don't like doing housework, you must set the house expenses aside and ask your partner to help you pay if you don't want to finish paying too much. Divide the expenses up and everything will be better. Yesterday you finished many tasks and that's what lets you have a relaxed Sunday as long as you don't phone colleagues up. If you end up phoning any, you'll see yourself forced to go to the company to fix something. Do they owe you extra hours? Then it'd be a good idea.


Despite feeling full of energy and willing to attend a gym to get rid of stress, you're going too fast. People around you are not as decided as you, so slow don't and stop overwhelming people with your ups and downs. If your partner or friends feel like sitting on the sofa and watching a film, the best you can do is sharing the time with them and enjoying the quite atmosphere. If you think you're not capable, go jogging on your own. It's up to you.

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