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The Thursday January 25th Libra Stars Prediction

Libra: Your Star Sign Revelations
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Though hard, it's necessary for you to forget about some problems of the past and keep moving. Resentment is not good and even less in love issues. Both of you have been more comprehensive to each other but you must do an extra effort to understand your partner and change some of their personality aspects which are not beneficial within cohabitation.

The good part of being Libra is that, come what may, you'll do it in a smart and clever way. You're worried about your impression on the person you just asked out, but don't overdo it. That person appreciates a lot what you did and they'll never forget it.


Something has happened at work and, due to it, you'll change your opinion about a colleague. Don't let non-professional issues prevent you from moving on with your labor career. From now on, try to pay more attention at work.

Energies change significantly and, after a pile of hard news for your savings, it looks like you'll get some stability back as well as some incoming. Catch up with your current accounts and even put some of this money into a saving account.


For those Libras who are going through treatment or are in hospital, something unexpected could happen during the day. It looks like you'll be soon back home.

The rest of Libras will have to face another change in their health, a new situation they'll need to get used to little by little. Get ready to spend some days at home and even get fever at some point. You'd better face this difficult situation with a good smile.

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