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Full Horoscope for Libra for This Coming Tuesday 11th September by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You're dying to know if the person that you were head over heels for in the past will get back together with you. From the moment that you wake up, you'll have the feeling that things aren't over yet. Today you'll feel this more than ever...

If the past calls you, don't answer! Unfortunately, it no longer has anything positive to offer you. Keep your valuable feelings for yourself. Wait for the right person to give them everything you've got and more.

These will be days in which you'll prove that you're stronger than you think. Glimpses from the past can be painful when they come knocking, but with some self-control, you'll have a promising future. One where you won't make any mistakes twice!


There's a time for bravery and another for prudence! Your success today will depend on whether you know when to use one or the other.

Don't accept the reasoning of others, because your instinct is much more efficient than any well-intentioned piece of advice, but it won't be very appropriate in your case!

Risk it and buy this lottery ticket with the numbers that you see in your head, instead of the ones that family or friends suggest. You are the one that will determine your own luck today, Libra.


Rest at home peacefully, get enough sleep, and for once value comfort a bit, this is what the planets want from you! After a day of work, you love to stay active, but today resting is a better idea.

In your home surely you have some luxuries that you rarely make the most of. Do it, because there are people that would be dying to do this right now...

It is also a great day to treat yourself to some kind of food that you've been craving. The rest of the time you stick to your strict diet. It isn't a big deal if you skip it for one day, Libra.

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