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The friendliness that characterizes you and your kind ways, contribute to the peace and harmony in your home.

But you can't help the fact that people sometimes have bad days. Your partner or a family member will try to take this out on you. You, however, will answer them calmly, don't let them drag you down with them!

You learned that anger and tantrums are like gifts. You have the power to decide whether to accept them or not. This way you assure your inner peace.

If you're single, your ex-partner will get in touch with you. You won't be too thrilled about this, you're not the kind of person that gets caught up in nostalgia. What happened between the two of you is something from the past!


The fastest one doesn't always win. Success is achieved by taking little actions every single day. With the patience of a turtle, you'll make your way towards your goals.

Your goal may still be distant. But if you keep moving forward patiently on the path that you've blazed, all of the work that you do lovingly, you'll be compensated for, sooner or later!

You should avoid comparing your life to others'. They haven't walked down the same path as you have. They probably wish that they had your patience and sense of internal equilibrium. Don't let people that brag about themselves get you down.


Your bladder may start bothering you. Lately, you've been very sensitive. It's likely that you feel a certain amount of irritation in this area, or you might experience incontinence, especially when you're nervous Libra. You should see your doctor ASAP.

While they try to schedule a day for you to see the specialist, you can make yourself an infusion with a plant called horsetail. This plant has astringent properties, and this will help to relieve the pain in your urinary tract. Whip up this infusion and sweeten it however you please!

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