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Enough of this man or woman that's like a stone wall. No matter how much money, or security they bring you... If they can't take care of your emotional aspect, it isn't worth it. You need affection and loyalty.

It's true that you can try to change this with a lot of patience and caring, but the path will be a lot harder and in the end, you shouldn't try to change anyone, otherwise, you'll be reproached.

In terms of your family, everything that you are giving to your partner or possible suitors, you're taking away from them. Worry more about your loved ones, because even if you think that they'll be there forever, unfortunately, this isn't the case, Libra.


Working hard takes its toll. When you realize that you're the only one that's rowing the boat, you've got to let the ship sink! Especially if you have a business and things aren't going very well, no matter what you do...

You need a team of people that really back you up. And surely you know in your head the people that share this vision. So, start a new project with these people, because this time it will go well. 

Once you stop fighting against yourself, against what should happen... Help from the universe will come on its own and everything will get easier. If you maintain the equilibrium, you'll always receive benefits, Libra.


You'll need a little push when it comes to your diet to maintain balance in your body. It's time to take dietary supplements. Especially, omega-3 fatty acids! 

This is what the brain's of Libras crave the most at this point. This fat is what repairs and conserves the brain's cells. Something that you need urgently! You have too many hours of mental activity. 

Taking a stroll could also bring your brain more oxygen. You get distracted, and also, it has been proven that this activity favors the creation of new neurons.