Libra Daily Horoscope |



You're right not to trust overly dramatic confessions of love and people that, almost without knowing you, ask you to enter a relationship with them.

However, loneliness is a pain that's difficult to get over. Not in your case! You love being able to do what you want, whenever you want to.

Deep down, right now you need lighthearted relationships and people to have fun with. But, not anything overly sentimental or dramatic. You've left this phase far behind you, Libra.

If your friends ask you to do something, don't think twice about it. You're sure to meet just the person that you need right now...


Are you the one that's in charge? If this is the case, you can be sure that today will be far from a calm one. In one way or another, the people that you manage will complain and start criticizing the way things are done.

It will be your task to put things back in order, using all of your empathy. What is the cause of all of this unrest? If you listen to them closely, you'll be able to resolve things without any problems.

Your possibilities when it comes to earning extra income right now are abundant. Pay attention, because a raise is in your cards. You're a great professional and you know how to resolve conflicts, without you, the ship would sink.

However, you shouldn't be overly insistent either. Today is the day to indicate your requirements, and then patiently wait for the planets to work in your favor.


Your health will go back to normal, congrats. The cosmic influence is currently one of the best for Libras. Jupiter will be on your side, together with Saturn, the planet of sustained vitality.

Getting back in good health is very important to you since you love to enjoy life! But you should take things slowly in your recovery. You shouldn't push yourself too hard.

Follow your wandering impulses. Walking is an excellent way to keep your respiratory and cardiac systems in shape. This is an activity that's highly favorable for you, Libra.