Libra Daily Horoscope |



The state of the cosmos is preparing a day for you where serenity and tranquil love will be the protagonists.

You'll be feeling calm, Libra. Is your partner another air sign like you? If so, you two will be in total harmony!

If before you used to let yourself get dragged down by passion, now you tend to think twice about this. It could be said that this maturity, makes you less likely to suffer because of love.

It's highly likely that you'll make this relationship official, that up until now has just been a friendship. Love will grow between the two of you, and you'll fall in love fast and hard.


You'll be feeling great vibes in the workplace, and all of this is thanks to your self-imposed discipline and routines, that are finally bringing you results.

It hasn't been easy for you. You'd prefer to enjoy life while you can, but now you're at a point in your life where you need to reap in order to sow. You've pulled up your sleeves and you're ready to fight Libra.

Don't stop thinking over all of your ideas and coming up with new ways of doing things more quickly and efficiently. All of this mental energy is incredible!

Magic Horoscope recommends that you avoid obsessing so much over the results, enjoy the creative process! This is the best route to professional realization, Libra.


After a chaotic day, the time comes to disconnect. This should practically be an order, for the sake of your mental health.

Get in touch with nature and the outdoors, even if it's brief. Preferably someplace very green. This color brings you balance and a lot of energy.

If you're unable to get away from the city, wear something green since this will renew your energy and bring you a sense of vitality. Your mind and body will become one, by virtue of the fourth chakra's color, Libra.