Libra Daily Horoscope |



This will be a relaxing day to spend with your partner. Your creative expression will be at its peak. Don't be surprised if this person asks you to do something with them that you thought that you'd never do together. Magic unpredictability will come knocking at your door.

If you're single, you'll experiment with new techniques and ways of expressing yourself, as well as flavors unknown to you up until now, something that will happen spontaneously.

The planetary dimension also indicates that social relationships will be favored in your life. Long lost friends will try to get in touch with you.

Also, you'll surely meet someone online that will leave an impression on you. Open your mind, today this is just another way of meeting interesting people, like any other.


Right now you might be going through a rough patch economically. You didn't manage your funds wisely... Stay away from gambling, because this isn't a solution, Libra.

But everything has a solution. You'll be able to ask for the money back that you had loaned without any problems. Way to cut it close! Next time, try to save because you won't be so lucky!

Get to work and don't put off finding a job any longer. You've been thinking that you could send out CVs at the start of the next month. But, now is when you're most likely to find the job that you need so badly!


Your willingness to invest in your image could lead to certain problems. It won't take long for salesmen to show up in the hopes of selling you their products.

Many of those so-called 'miracle creams' that guarantee you perfect, wrinkle-free skin, are a total rip-off. You need to get that in your head, Libra. The best anti-wrinkle remedy is your smile! Having a sour look on your face is what causes those marks.

The best way to feel good about the way you look is by accepting your age and living a healthy lifestyle. With some exercise and your good taste in clothing, you'll look radiant and beautiful as always.