Libra Daily Horoscope |



In love, you're going through a sentimental streak. Your feelings will be heightened. If you've been in a monotonous relationship for a while now, today everything will change for the better.

The planetary energies, together with free time, will lead you to do all kinds of activities together which you will enjoy a lot. Take the initiative and find your adventurous side, Libra.

Spending time with family is just as necessary, Libra. You'll also have the chance to have a great time together! You'll push aside all of the problems to focus on living in the present. Wonderful!

Those who are single will collide with love, and this will be literal. You'll meet your crush so suddenly that, between the strange situation and the intensity that this will awaken inside of you, you'll be speechless!


Uranus's erratic influence will make your mind a bit unstable. Today is a day in which, as hard as you try to do things right, they'll still happen otherwise. Don't get overwhelmed!

Just because you're not having the best day doesn't mean that you're worthless. Why don't you try being more understanding of yourself, Libra?  Use some of the affection that you give to others with yourself.

Dedicate some words to cheer yourself up, instead of telling yourself how clumsy you are over and over again. Because it isn't true! You should be resting instead of beating yourself up about something that you can't change.

On a positive note, you'll be highly likely to run into some extra cash unexpectedly. If they ask you to participate in a raffle, buy a ticket because you're likely to get a very interesting prize.


Not everything that you believe has to be the truth necessarily. You should rethink some of your beliefs because these could lead to significant mental issues.

Chatting with a friend will help you to put things in perspective. A conversation about what's bothering you, not only the interests that you share.

Loneliness is what causes illnesses, especially when it's not your choice. If you feel like you don't have much support, your family will always be there for you. Don't be shy, take the first step, Libra.