Libra Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, September 3rd

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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When there are too many emotions running through your life, it's no wonder you get overwhelmed. Libra knows very well that they came into existence to be eternally balanced.

You'll get away from the drama of others'. The ones that try to make it seem like everything is your fault. It takes a lot of courage to decide to slam the door in the faces of those psychological vampires. You'll do it without thinking twice.

Controlling your emotions is something basic and luckily for you, today you'll meet someone that will be prudent when the time comes to show their emotions. You can learn a lot from this person, Libra.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will shine brightly just for you today! You'll experience an economic revival as if you were a majestic Pheonix.

You have a good balance between idealism and practicality that you'll put into practice today. You'll know how to focus your energy on the ideas and ideals that benefit everyone, but also the ones that you can get the most profit out of. 

You're a generous person and this could be very helpful to others since it indirectly benefits your broad vision of things and your ability to get things done. Helping others is another way to grow and to attract abundance.

You won't be missing anything, you'll make a great deal of money if you are a freelancer.


Your great inner power will radiate from within you. You look inside of yourself and you're surprised by all of this energy that surges from your being. In the face of adversity, there is always something inside of you that shines more than the shadows that surround you. 

Good health has come into your life to stay. If you're sick, it won't take you long to be feeling strong again and if you're in the recuperation process, you'll be totally better very soon. 

Meditate visualizing a bright light. Whiteness that engulfs everything and leaves you floating in this white space. Your energy will be renewed, knowing that any problem can be fixed with the right attitude. 

You'll use your artistic skills in the home and you'll attract even more energy to your life, Libra.