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Whenever Venus gets together with Uranus, unexpected things happen. Today you'll feel totally off course in love.

So, it's likely that you may find yourself on a blind date. Don't be afraid to experience this opportunity that life is putting before you. Being afraid that your mind will go blank is worse than if you really didn't say anything at all.

Even if you've experienced this kind of encounter before, relax and be truly interested in getting to know the person in front of you. Whether you're attracted to them or not, at least you'll have a good time.

Or if Cupid doesn't shoot you with his arrow, you'll be the one to put the unexpecting ones on his radar! You'll play the matchmaker for a friend that's dying to fall in love. And you'll do a great job.


Society has transformed in such a way that now we voluntarily exploit ourselves. You work more and more hours all the time and without sufficient rest.

The salary isn't that great either, and when you do have money, you don't have time to enjoy it!

You should seriously consider whether or not working so many hours is turning you into a slave. When you start focusing on your days off, without being able to enjoy anything else, that's when you know things aren't going well.

The cosmos suggest that you make a move. Search for a job that you find fulfilling, besides your salary. It's complicated and hard to find the time to do this, of course, but this is better than the alternative which is feeling isolated!


It's too easy to complain, but it takes a toll on your health! It puts you in this state of victimization that you don't get anything positive out of.

We all have weaknesses, but great strengths as well. Why should we always wait for the other person to make us happy? Instead of this, focus your attention on things that make your relationship wonderful already.

People have limits. Not for everything, but in certain areas, and these can be wonderful. Be thankful for the differences and a feeling of inner peace will start growing within you.