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Stormy relationships exist, and this is something that even the most harmonious Libras can't cure. The ebbs and flows with this person aren't uncommon, but today you'll say, enough!

After breaking up and getting back together so many times... Finally, you'll escape from the enchantment of this "boomerang romance."

When a relationship is over, it's over! Why get back together with this person when there are more interesting "mistakes" out there? Get over the idea that you can't be happy without a stable partner for good.

Get out of this vicious cycle. Meet new people, seek out activities where you can further develop your interests. And don't settle for the first person that you meet, this time you know exactly what you want and expect from a relationship, Libra.


Self-employment is an attractive option for Libras right now. The possibility of starting your own business with a clear vision and taking good care of your personal. Because a boss that doesn't care for their workers doesn't care for their customers.

Now that you have income, the time has come to invest in your project. The cosmos indicate that there is a need for this project in your community, or if this is an online business, you'll simply be well received. 

If you don't decide to become a freelancer, while looking for jobs you need to sharpen your mind. Talk to everyone, check out all of your social networks... Even entertainment platforms could have interesting offers.


You tend to sleep like an angel and wake up totally rested after a deep sleep. Lately, you've been waking up with neck pain. 

Getting good quality sleep is absolutely fundamental to you, Libra. Otherwise, you experience mood swings and you can't help but be a bit irritable. 

This problem could be caused by a pillow that's too high. To rest your head, the thinner it is the better. You can also try rolling your neck in the mornings to strengthen this area.