Libra WEEKLY Horoscope

23 Sep - 22 Oct

Libra weekly: Your weekday horoscope from 20 - 26 January 2020

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Libra, your horoscope for this week predicts that love will triumph over any obstacle. The stars foresee novelties, new projects and a lot of creativity. You’ll be eager to leave behind everything that doesn't bring you anything positive.

Towards the mid-week, you’ll make an effort to face your fears and open your heart. It’ll help you take your relationship to the next level and save it from monotony and stagnation.

Single Libras will have to be careful with people they don’t trust. If you make wise decisions and choose well, the arrows of Cupid will reach before this week comes to an end.

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As far as your economy is concerned, you’ll have to take stock in order to balance your finances. Mercury in a bad position could affect your finances negatively.

With regard to your work and career, you may have a feeling that you’ve already reached the top and this way get stuck in your comfort zone. Don’t let boredom take over this aspect of your life.

Libra, don’t let your aspirations fade away. There’s always something new you can learn. You could get the necessary qualifications to opt for a better position. Lack of motivation can harm you not only financially, but also personally.


When it comes to your health, Magic Horoscope predicts that this week you’ll tend to go to extremes. This won’t help you feel healthy and fit; quite the opposite, actually. Make sure you review your eating habits, rest more and do physical exercise to avoid getting ill.

On an emotional level, this week you’ll need your partner or best friend to lend you a hand. This person’s support will help you focus and feel more confident when it comes to making decisions.

Finally, Libra, it’s important that you find the right moment to express what you feel inside. Don’t neglect your emotions, as this may lead you to frustration and illnesses in the long run.