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Neptune's characteristic distortion will affect natives of Libra throughout this entire week. If you're looking to start a romantic relationship and you still haven't declared your intentions, it will be hard for you to get this person to pick up your hints.

No more subtlety or being indirect on social networks -this planetary configuration demands that you be a bit more direct and active.

For Libras that are in serious relationships, it will be hard to focus. Especially this Thursday... You'll be highly attracted to someone who isn't your partner. Watch out. Resist flirting, he or she will just be messing with you.

Thursday will also be marked by fire for Libras that are single because besides the person you've been pining for months, another person will suddenly appear, and you'll be head over heels! Focus, Libra!


You'll start out the week with a budget for the next 7 days... Your biggest challenge will be sticking to it. Christmas is just around the corner, and if you want to buy the best presents, you'll need to save some money in your checking account.

Everything will depend on how well you're able to handle your emotions. Sometimes you get attached to objects emotionally when in reality, they don't add any value to your life. Eating out is another one of your biggest sins -it's so expensive!


Your body's appearance is another recurring worry of yours. You know that little spot on your skin that wasn't there before, or those wrinkles on your face that make you look older... Change your mindset!

Too much time worrying about your appearance subtracts from the importants of everything else in the package. If you're spending too much time focusing on your body, it might be the right time to take part in activities that get you out of this mental stagnation.

Painting or preparing creative culinary recipes will be the best pass times for you, Libra. These take you out of your spiraling negative thoughts. Instead of worrying about what they'll say to you, nourish your soul -learn to accept yourself just the way you are. You're fantastic! Don't lose sight of this.