Pisces Forecast for November 1

Prediction for Thursday
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On a day like today, your Piscean heart will be much more sensitive than usual. It's no surprise that memories of people that are particularly important to you, but are no longer with you, have accumulated in your mind. 

Although it may be hard, you need to learn to accept death as just another phase of life that's impossible to avoid.

If people have treated you well and you've spent happy times with them, this is what you need to hold onto. In the end, you may never be able to hug them again, but they will always live on in your mind. 

If you're in a relationship, today is the perfect time to stay at home snuggling and loving one another as much as you can, away from the extreme outdoor temperatures.

If you're single, but there's someone that you're interested in, invite them to your house to watch a scary film. This will give you the excuse to hug them...and whatever else might come up!


Your habit of squirreling away is about to come to fruition. After putting in a great deal of effort to build up your savings, your financial situation is now better than ever.

Now prepare yourself because soon you'll have the chance to build the foundations of a new business that's on your horizon, and this will bring some interesting benefits along with it.


Pisces' heart is much more sensitive than other zodiac signs'. That's why when the time comes, you might feel a dull pain or stinging sensation in your chest.

Push your inner hypochondriac aside and stay calm, because there are a ton of things that can bring heartache and it isn't necessarily dangerous. Have you been under a lot of stress, or have you had a panic attack?

This could have set off everything else. However, if you want some peace of mind, Magic Horoscope recommends that you visit your trusted doctor.