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Pisces Prediction for 10 December

Your Horoscope for Monday
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Today will be cold and dry regarding your emotions and mood. The thing is Pisces; you are so sensitive to the emotional atmosphere and the energy fields around you that it's hard for you to escape these negative influences.

It will be hard for you to comprehend whether you are the one that's sad or if you're just being affected by others.

Be careful not to drive away the person that you care about so deeply with your complaints. You want to be your best for this special someone.

In the afternoon, the distractions from the daily grind will take you out of your melancholic state, and because of this, you'll be in a better mood.


Have you done anything to organize your drawers and shelves? This is why you keep losing essential items and forgetting appointments and payments. Don't get distracted, Pisces.

You need to get your paperwork in order right away.

Make the most of the start of this week and take the time to get organized. You know that internal order is reflected in our environment. If your workspace is chaotic, then this could actually keep you from focusing and make you leave loose ends in matters that should be taken care of.

You'll respond to the demands of your clients or superiors confidently.


During the day today, you'll experience pain while walking. The shoes that you're wearing might not be right for you. Pisces, you need to remember that your feet are one of the most important and sensitive areas of the body and they tell you a lot about your health both on a physical and mental level.

If you're experiencing arch pain, have an ingrown toenail, or another related problem, you might need to visit a podiatrist regularly.

This person will be able to help you and even advise you on the products to use to improve your quality of life.

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