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Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 15

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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The moon in your sign will bring your levels of sensitivity and emotion through the roof, and this will have you sobbing and angry -you'll be out of control. If you take everything personally, you'll go through part of the day feeling offended, or even worse; you'll offend one of your loved ones.

Be careful not to be too aggressive and scare those close to you. You don't need to lament the love you may not have received as a child. You need to make peace with your past.

Try to make the most of this sensitivity to enjoy a romantic movie together or to have a candlelit dinner.


Your spending will be out of control, and this is because you didn't have much foresight. You didn't think of the little details that are now giving you a major headache. Did you go over budget with the shopping?

That was very careless, Pisces. Someone that you'd never expect will help you to find a solution.

This instable period on a material level will seem endless. You need to evaluate the mistakes that you made and those that are out of your hands. Once you see it clearly, you'll be able to take action and fix the situation. Don't worry.

Today your lucky numbers are: 44 and 61


Avoid fits of anger and heated discussions since as you know, these will destabilize your energy and be devastating for your physical health. This speeds up your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, and puts an unpleasant look on your face.

Nervous tension doesn't do your body any favors. Change the way you see the world today. Smile.

Find a moment to go out in nature and get in touch will everything that it has to offer you including positive vibes and relaxation. Walk, breathe in the fresh air and contemplate the Earth's beauty.

If you do this, your heart and mind will be at peace.

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