Pisces Prediction for 16 October

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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If you have children, today will be ideal to work on getting closer to them. If this is something that is getting harder as time passes, in the end, you should give them their space and stay in touch.

If you have no idea what to do with them, let them decide what they're in the mood for.

If you don't have children, but you would like to, talk to your partner about this openly. In the end, this desire will never disappear, and talking about this is necessary to know whether or not you have a future with this person, or if it's time to part ways.

If you don't have children, and you don't want them either, you shouldn't let pressure from others affect you. However, if you're in a relationship, you should make it clear that you do not intend to procreate so that your partner can decide if they want to continue by your side in spite of this. This person might want to change course before too much time goes by and one of you ends up getting hurt.


Sometimes you're like a squirrel, collecting nuts for an extended period to have extra savings in case you need them -and at others, you seem more like a child that was given money to buy candy.

Neither of the extremes is a good thing since in the first case you end up depriving yourself of things that you really want, and you forget to live - and in the second case, you could end up having serious troubles making it to the end of the month.

Today your task is to find a middle ground between these two positions.


Getting exercise is fundamental and entirely necessary to ensure your physical and emotional well-being. Push excuses like time and money aside, and find a routine that can help you to be at your best.

To start, walking 30 minutes a day would be a good goal until you get stronger and do another more intense activity.