Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 17

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Today the moon keeps burning strong and it will push you to take the initiative in matters related to making up or breaking up for once and for all in your relationships.

It's impossible to continue with these ebs and flows since with almost all of the planets straight on, the time has come to choose a path and continue on. Don't hesitate, you already know what this is about and you know what's out there.

You can't change to another, but you can change your life circumstances and free yourself from the things that you have control over.

Venus from Scorpio favors you making you more in tune and active. But this doesn't mean that you'll be more willing to make compromises and you'll have a tendency to get into heated arguments and say things that are out of line. 

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There are storm clouds on your horizon and your patience is running out. You're bound to explode at the first sign of an obstacle. This isn't great for your reputation nor your role if you act impulsively when faced with the slightest setback.

Don't forget about how hard you worked to make it to where you are now. All of that effort that you put in and the suffering you had to put up with. You can't just throw this all away with one fit of anger.

Stay in control and act responsibly.

Today, Magic Horoscope predicts a surprise that you won't be expecting.


After all of the rest you've had over the past few days, today you'll have nothing left. There will be a lot of tension and your bad mood could have a negative impact on your neck and cervical vertebrae.

The changes that you're facing fill you with nervous energy which ends up manifesting itself in your neck.

Learn to relax your nerves in this area of your body with gentle massages and slow circular motions. Soon you'll see that this tension will begin to ease up if you do this mindfully.