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There's a difference between meeting someone that's the opposite of you and running into someone that you're totally incompatible with.

In the first case, although some issues could come up because of differences between these people, if they put in hard work and try to find things in common, they could end up complementing each other perfectly.

However, people who are incompatible have irreconcilable differences that are totally unresolvable and make it impossible for a relationship to function properly.

Today, the position of Pluto and Mercury will allow you to reflect on the kind of relationship that you're in so that you can decide whether it's worth fighting for or if it would be better to end this chapter and move on ASAP.

Although, if your partner is a Gemini, or you're dating someone born under this sign, you won't have to overthink things: the planets have made you the victims of an impossible love that won't be able to get through safe and sound.


You're at a critical point in this month, and this is where you risk being unsatisfied and totally imprudent the most.

Just think that there are fewer days until you receive your monthly paycheck, and money is something that tends to leave your hands as quickly as it comes into them and so you're quite impulsive at times in this respect.

It would be best if you practiced some self-restraint and waited to see your checking account balance when the end of November rolls around. This way you'll be able to give yourself that little treat that you've been longing for without having to worry about your family's financial situation.


Did you know that pet owners reap certain benefits? Animals can help with loneliness and depression, get rid of illnesses and increase feelings like happiness and self-esteem.

Besides, they improve social lives, are stimulating for the little ones around the home and can even form a part of the family thanks to all of the selfless love that they offer their loved ones.

What are you waiting for? There are tons of pets out there looking for homes! Research how to adopt one and don't think twice about making an animal a part of your family. Life will never be the same again!