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Pisces Forecast for September 17

Prediction for Monday
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You have built a shield that, in an attempt to protect yourself, brings you further away from the people around you. This means that sometimes, you give off a cold and distant vibe that's totally the opposite of what your Piscean heart is really like.

You worry too much about what others think about you, and a lot of the time you don't realize that they can also make mistakes. Don't be afraid to raise your voice and give your opinion when you don't agree with what everyone else is saying, instead of knocking down your worth, you'll contribute something.

If you're in a relationship, you can use them as a filter, or a kind of rehearsal. Like when you practice for an important presentation, and you'll notice how much better you do once you have a bit of confidence built up.

If you're single, a Scorpio will interrupt your life and distract you in a big way. Don't get carried away, and dedicate some time to processing what this new person transmits you and what they can bring to the table, this way you'll avoid jumping the gun. Just think, you could scare them, and out of instinct, they could harm you with their stinger.


There is a much more valuable wealth besides the purely monetary: the kind that comes from the soul. In the end, money could lead you to acquire things that bring you satisfaction, but kind-heartedness and empathy with others will turn you into a unique and special being.

Also, you never know who could be watching your actions and movements and that maybe, an open and positive attitude, could open many more doors for you than you would have ever imagined.

The cosmos tell you not to give up and to avoid trying to seem like something that you aren't since there are too many people that won't believe your act.


Changes are coming in your physical condition or health in general. This could be a change of appearance or rather, a new physical condition that is about to come about or develop.

Pregnancies, aesthetic surgeries, radical changes in appearance... Any one of these things could happen, whether this is you, or someone that you're very close to.

Be careful not to be too hard on your body since the cosmos indicate that this could also involve some sort of physical injury. In this sense. Magic Horoscope's Oracle recommends that you maintain a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.