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Love is a fickle feeling, and that's why it creates situations that get out of hand and that are often hard to understand. Relatively recently you met a person that you're head over heels for... You adore this person!

Even though you weren't looking for anything of the sort, you haven't been able to fix it: you connected on a deep level from the start. Slowly, gaze after gaze and smile after smile, you're stuck on each other. By the time that you realized all of this, it was too late. You can't get them out of your head!

In spite of all of this, there's something big that's keeping you apart, or at least more than you'd like. Why do you have such bad luck, Pisces? Even so, Magic Horoscope has a message for you: you can't fight your feelings, my friend.

So, think long and hard about what you're feeling and what you want to do about this. If you decide to jump in and go for it, do everything in your power to win this person's heart.


A new cosmic period is opening up since Saturn is leaving its retrograde phase and your professional sphere will take center stage, as long as you know how to make the most of your positive side.

This means that if you're disciplined, have self-control, and the ability to organize yourself, at the end of the year, you'll be in a highly stable professional situation. In fact, the planets welcome you to reflect on your current situation since if you aren't happy with it, you're just in time to make a change.

But, don't waste any time since your attitude and actions during the next few days will be vital when it comes to determining the that this 2018 will end for you.


The best part of the equinoxes is that temperatures aren't extreme. With that being said, getting involved in sports won't be as torturous as in summer or winter.

Make the most of the mild weather to get out of the dark gym and get some fresh air flowing through your lungs. You don't have to start running 10k every day, but you should try to set your sedentary lifestyle aside.

Walking 30 minutes a day would be a great place to start, and then slowly get back in shape from there.