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Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 19

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Confusion will overcome you, and you don't know how you ended up feeling attracted to this person that's totally not your type. And yet somehow they're still making you lose your head to the point where you can't even stop thinking of him or her.

Be careful. Don't lose something that's secure for something that's a foggy dream at best at this point.

The time has come to ask yourself about these forms of boycotting your relationship and self-confidence.

Put yourself into orbit and get to the bottom of these doubts. At night you'll think that they might be forcing you to act. Don't pay any mind to gossip that you hear.

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Today is a magnificent day to learn and take classes or look for information that you can apply on the job. Learn something new today that will make you a better professional and a more efficient worker.

During the afternoon it's vital that you make the most of your time to meet with colleagues or clients. Magic Horoscope suggests that you make things clear to avoid feeling deceived later on.


Are you tired, Pisces? You might experience a few days where you'll hardly be able to drag yourself out of bed. On top of that, your lack of motivation and willpower could even make your daily tasks seem impossible.

You need to know that you can amp up your energy with air. This is all about dominating life's breath. You know that without breathing life is impossible and this might give you a little hint about just how essential it is to practice breathing mindfully. In the physical or spiritual sense, you need to know that oxygen nourishes all of your cells and this will give you an extra energy boost.

Try taking a few good deep breaths with great care, inhaling through your nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth. This practice is sure to bring you a greater sense of well being. So, just do it!

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