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The most recent events that have taken place in your love life along with your wild imagination are making you feel like the main character in the most incredible romantic comedy of all time.

Don't kid yourself... you love the game! In fact, the more complicated things get, the more addicted you become. You are all about the drama, although this doesn't come as a surprise since it allows you to show off your inner ego that is almost always hidden.

But, what can you do, it isn't good to be such a nice person and always worry about everyone else's needs! Now, Magic Horoscope's cosmos want to tell you to come down from the clouds and start to come back down to earth.

Just think, love is something magical and experiencing its positive side is the best thing that could possibly happen to you in life!


Careful, Pisces. Mercury in its recent retrograde state means that you need to be as cautious as possible in the workplace because dark times are on the horizon.

Negative earnings or something similar that doesn't involve you directly at your company will mean that your superiors will suddenly become much stricter and more controlling.

Even if this situation is unpleasant, and especially for all of the employees at your workplace, try to avoid letting this anger get the most of you.

It would be a good idea to make the most of this situation since there's sure to be some sort of legal loophole that you can benefit from. So, don't miss out on this!


Try to get away from the things that make you anxious since these could have a devastating impact on your health. Chronic stress causes lumbar pain, hair loss, skin problems, and progressive memory loss.

Doesn't that sound just awful? Magic Horoscope suggests that you read up on this topic and search for methods and techniques that can help you to remain calm, cool, and collected.