Pisces Magic Horoscope for October 19

Daily Prediction for Friday
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Someone rejected you recently, but just verbally. This means that, if you look at their movements closely, you'll see that their body language says exactly the opposite of what they said to you. Why would they do this?

There could be so many reasons: maybe they're in a relationship, they know they like you, but they're unsure, or they like you so much they just don't know how to handle it. Make it easy and approach this person cautiously, otherwise, you could scare them even more.

If you're in a relationship and you're starting to feel attracted to someone unexpected, you need to know that there's nothing wrong with this, as long as you don't take things too far. In the end, all human beings are interested in different people over the course of their lives, the important thing is that we avoid betraying or hurting anyone.

If you're single, and you're involved in a forbidden relationship, the cosmos recommend that you exercise extreme caution. It's true that you can't control your feelings, but you should treat others the way that you would like to be treated.


The cosmos predict an unexpected source of income, maybe an inheritance or maybe you'll win a prize. Even so, don't go crazy and start spending like there's no tomorrow, if you do this, this money will disappear before you know it.


Partying isn't a bad thing, it can even have positive effects. However, you should avoid binge drinking until you don't even remember what happened the next day. Control yourself, slow down a bit, otherwise, this could take a toll on your liver and cause bigger problems.