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Pisces Magic Horoscope for September 19

Daily Prediction for Wednesday
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You're going to run into a person that is highly intuitive and sensitive, and they will even be able to perceive what there is in the deepest depths of your soul and emotions. So, don't try to stop them or push them away with your shield, since they'll easily find a way to get through this.

This doesn't mean that you will fall down to your knees since the kind of relationship that you establish depends solely on the two of you. However, your connection will traverse borders and will leave anyone that knows you astonished.

If you're in a relationship, you should stick together more than ever since an evil energy surrounds you that is trying to make its way inside of you through the cracks. Don't let it, if you fight hard, you will be successful.

If you aren't in a relationship, the cosmos predict that you will cross paths with someone that will be incredibly good for you, and they will never want to own you or expect too much of you. Maybe they're hiding a secret or two, but if you're patient, they will end up opening the windows to your soul.


Magic Horoscope sees some kind of inheritance or financial compensation on the horizon. Also, if you find yourself in a judicial process of some sort, you're bound to win, so don't hesitate to go for it, since the planets are smiling down on you and they're on your side.

If you want your success to be even greater in finances, you should work on using logic and discipline in your tasks. After a period of uncertainty and impatience, finally, you'll find the way to regain control.


It isn't a good time to consider having a child. The cosmos suggest that you leave this for later on in a calmer and more relaxed period of time. Just think that the difficulties aren't just physical but also include an infinite amount of emotional and environmental matters, and what's going on around you can even have a negative effect on your desire to procreate as well.