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Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 20

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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You're faced with the possibility of significant changes. Everything that you wished a few years back will start taking shape today. It seems like all of this was created by you and your thoughts. You feel empowered by the ability that you realize that everyone has to create their own reality. You might be surprised when the person that you loved so long ago declares their love for you. This will happen today.

However, you feel that yesterday's desire is obsolete. You're not the same person anymore.

Now you face your weaknesses and utopic thoughts that didn't get you anywhere. You lived a fantasy by hashing out all of the possibilities in your mind, and here is the result.

The dilemma is, what do you do now? Follow your heart: it will guide you in the right direction.

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Get advice from a notary, lawyer or accountant. You know what you need today, so do this -no excuses.

The advice of a professional could give you additional details that you were unaware of and save you from bigger problems.

You're wrapped up in conflicts and debts that need to be solved. You need to use a lot of caution and intelligence for this to be favorable for all parties involved.

Look for justice and assistance. The light of a green candle on Thursday could bring you relief and orient you in legal matters to put them in your favor.


Today your eyes and vision will be bothering you. Now could be the perfect time to set up an appointment with your eye doctor.

Pay attention to how much time you spend in front of your phone and computer screens. Remember to use high-quality dark shaded glasses when in the sunlight since it weakens your visual capabilities.

Magic Horoscope invites you to think about the sign that these visual issues are sending you: maybe there's something in your environment that you don't want to see, that irritates, or harms you. Changing your perspective could help.

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