Pisces Prediction for 21 October

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Living with others isn't easy to start with, so it gets even more complicated when you share your living space with your loved ones. The main problem is that you tend to take your anger and frustrations out on those closest to you, and you don't realize that this is a huge mistake.

Instead of taking this out on them, you could try asking these people for advice when you're feeling blue because if you end up with too much negative energy, you could end up much worse off than you are now. You could end up with the same problems but not have anyone to tell them to.

If you're in a relationship, life will put you to the test to prove your patience and understanding and to see if you two are truly meant for one another.

If you're single, you'll cross paths with a Gemini that could be just the escape route that you've been looking for, since they'll help you to fly high and see everything through rose colored glasses.


With the end of the month just around the bend, you run the risk of getting too lenient when it comes to your expenses and purchases that you don't really need.

Why don't you write a list with just the things that you absolutely need to make it through what's left of October?

However, you need to be strong and stick to this goal to cut back expenses, don't forget about this list, it isn't just a waste of time!


Sometimes you get a superhero complex, and you forget that you need to rest at night.

Even if you don't notice, your exhaustion is building up, and it could end up affecting your productivity and image during the day.

As silly as this may seem, you need to find time in your routine to sleep, for at least six hours per night.