Pisces Forecast for October 22

Pisces Magic Horoscope for Monday
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As hard as you try to hide your feelings, more problems just keep coming up. You're using a defense mechanism known as repression in psychology. This is an attempt to subdue disturbing thoughts or desires by sending them to the subconscious.

This is precisely what children do when they cover their eyes to avoid seeing what's in front of them. You're trying to trick yourself, but this unconscious desire will end up coming back to your conscious by surprise, and you won't be able to do anything to fix it.

So accept the consequences, stand your ground, and nip this problem in the bud, before it becomes something more serious that keeps you awake at night.


The influence of Mars and Saturn will shake things up in the professional terrain. Maybe you suddenly realized that you chose the wrong path after a very long time.

Stay calm because the planets will bring you the strength that you need to find a solution to this situation that's driving you crazy and that has you at a standstill.

Maybe you don't have to undo all of the steps that you've taken to get where you are right now. You should think about the middle ground between what you've been doing and what you'd like to do. You never know, you might have a surprising revelation.

This might be harder for other signs, but your incredible imagination allows you to think outside the box.


Watching too much television could have a negative impact on your health and those around you. Besides causing vision problems, it could affect your attention span, your quality of sleep, and the physical shape you're in.

Besides this, most programs show unpleasant scenes that could put us in a bad mood, and as a consequence attract negative feelings. Limit your TV consumption as much as possible, go out and enjoy life in 3D!