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Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 24

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Today you'll have commitments that you'll feel have nothing to do with you. Then, at night, the worst of the past promises to pop back up again. Tense conversations, impositions, and arguments will bring sad memories to mind and make you see how obsolete it is to try to repeat the same meetings year after year.

With your broad spiritual and loving vision, you'll come up with a different kind of party. Visualize a meeting of souls and love. You know that there must be an easier and more relaxed way of doing things. Ask your loved ones to change part of the yearly tradition that has always been followed, enjoy the presence of those that you're with instead of mourning those that aren't there. But, most of all, be thankful for the abundance instead of complaining about all of the expenses.

Pisces, you're the best zodiac sign to take a magical step towards spirituality in your life and that of your loved ones.

Surprise the littlest ones with your magic. It will be a present from the Universe.

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Today, you won't care much about money. You think that you have it all calculated, however, deep down, you know that you might have got it all wrong. Don't be overconfident and be discreet in your spending. You'll get a special present that you never expected.

Your lucky numbers for today are 11, 25, and 21.


Learn to contain your gluttony, or you'll miss out on the best part. Choose the foods with less fat if you can. Vegetables, green salads, and lean fish are excellent choices to satisfy your hunger. Enjoy taking breaks and making toasts in moderation.

Today, don't forget to get enough rest because this is important for your health since you'll be tempted to pull an all-nighter that could have a negative impact on your health for the next few days.

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