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Arguments are inevitable in relationships and they're necessary to help the couple grow together. The only difference between couples that split up at the drop of the hat and the ones that grow old together is how they handle conflicts.

While the first group just wants to win the argument, the latter couples work together to find a solution by finding common ground.

Beware, the full Moon might be making you more nervous than usual and cause you to get into an argument. That's why it's so important that you separate events from your feelings. If you do this, you'll come to an agreement in the blink of an eye.


If you're a good poker player or you have an eye for sporting bets, today you'll be able to earn a lot of money without having to leave your home.

Jupiter is at a critical pointwhich makes it exaggerate everything that it touches and it could do just that to your checking account today.

On the other hand, the cosmos predict a calm and relatively good day at work for you today. If you're a freelancer, you'll get the news that you've been waiting for. You'll be offered an opportunity that will make you more influential in your sector.

If you work for someone, you'll receive positive reinforcement from your boss, so make the most of this. Thanks to your hard work, all signs point to your conditions improving in the coming months.


The planets favor fertility for your sign, which means that if you and your partner have been wanting to become parents, now is the time to try to do this.

If on the other hand this exactly the opposite of what you want, make sure to take measure to prevent this. Otherwise, you're sure to have a baby in no time.