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Pisces Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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You need to understand that betraying someone doesn't just mean lying to them until the end. You can trick those around you by using your thoughts, words, actions, or even by leaving out any of these things.

Betrayal doesn't have different levels, nor can it be graded, and making one small mistake could mean poor behavior and hurting the other person, which isn't something that good fishies do.

If you're in a relationship and you have doubts about it, it is good that you take your time to clear up your feelings, but you shouldn't play with this person that you've shared everything with.

It is better, to be honest from the start, and this way you'll avoid future anger and blame, that will end up ruining everything and truly hurting the person that you care about.

If you're single, the cosmos predict that you may meet a Capricorn that could compliment you well. Don't be afraid of their power and their ways as a leader, since beneath this rude front that they put up lies a being almost as fragile as you, and together you could both improve your energy.


Jupiter will impact you and could make you feel as volatile as this planet.

Even so, you shouldn't forget that this planet is the father of the gods and humankind in Roman mythology. In other words, the one who rules in most situations.

So, don't be afraid to take the reins and take a step forward, since what at first it may seem complicated, could end up being the most straightforward thing in the world later on.


There is nothing healthier than a night of passion and wild sex to bring your inspiration to the next level.

Surely you have some sort of fantasy that you've always wanted to go through with, so the only question is, what are you waiting for?

Look for the right time and place to make this happen the way that you've always imagined, and let yourself be seduced by life and pleasure!

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