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Pisces Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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Unlike hurtful people try to make it seem, true love is as easy as breathing. 

So, it shouldn't hurt you, but instead make your life a bit sweeter; it shouldn't control you, it should give you the wings you need to fly high; it doesn't hide, it declares itself loudly; and lastly, it doesn't make things complicated, it makes our daily lives more comfortable. If this isn't the case, unfortunately, it isn't true love.

It could be a necessity, or it could be insecurity. But true love never hurts.

If you're in a relationship, it would be good for you two to go out together one night and let your hair down as a couple. Whether this is just the two of you, or with some friends, in any case, socializing and having a good time is something that's never a bad idea.

If you're single, but you've been seeing someone for a while now, you're about to hit a crucial point in your relationship, where two very different things could happen. What you two have could become stronger and get more official, or your paths may part ways for good.


Surely you've heard this before, but to become successful, you need to dedicate yourself heart and soul to something for a long time to even just catch a glimpse of good results. No one forces you to do this, and even less so if it is something that won't make you very happy.

The cosmos suggest that today you set forth your Neptunian side and spend some time reflecting on exactly what you want, to channel your life in the most ideal direction.


When you leave adolescence behind is when you truly realize how important eating healthy is, not just because of the long-term effects, but also the problems that can pop up shortly after consuming certain foods.

If you want to stop foods from sitting poorly with you or from weighing you down, you can make a list with a variety of balanced menus, and use them as a guide to start consuming a healthier diet.

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