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Why are you still stuck on a past romantic relationship that keeps you from moving forward? You'll never be happy like this! Latching onto memories and not letting them go only hurts one person... you!

The cosmos know that you're terribly afraid of change and that's just why they're putting you to the test so that you can learn a lesson so that you'll be more self-aware and a more mature person.

Naturally, this change of mindset won't happen overnight, so you'll have to follow a process that will help to heal wounds and start fresh.

For the time being, if you know exactly what it is that you can't let go, then you've already taken a big step in the right direction, even though you've still got a long way to go.

And what's the next step? Magic Horoscope recommends that you write a card expressing your pain, sadness, and resentment without holding anything back.

Do you have it? Now, read it out loud and then burn it or rip it up. Once you've destroyed it, look towards the horizon and don't let anyone who isn't a part of your present determine your future.


Watch out, Pisces, Uranus has invaded your constellation and unites its forces with Neptune and Jupiter, adding another layer to the chaos. Today you're going to want to make significant changes, and you'll seriously consider making a 360º turn in your life.

This is because you're at a point where you're sick of so many changes and dissatisfaction. Without even realizing it you've fallen into a routine of conformism where you're really just bored.

When did you lose your zeal for life? You need a change of scenery, but you're starting to fear that a small change won't be enough. Hold on tight; it's about to get bumpy!


Carpal Tunnel syndrome, hearing damage, mental problems, obesity, irreparable damage to the nervous system, eye pathologies, addiction... This is all a little scary, isn't it?

All of these can be the result of excessive use of technology over time. Are you one of those people that spend the whole day glued to your smartphone? Then cut back your screen time, because things could get ugly!