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Pisces Daily Prediction for 30 September

Sunday’s Pisces Forecast
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You need to learn the difference between true love and something that's nothing more than desire in disguise. Obviously meeting someone that awakens your most primal instincts is something that's difficult to control, but the situation gets more complicated if you connect on an intellectual and spiritual level as well.

That's why it's important that, before you participate or make any kind of decision, you push yourself to find out whether it's really worth risking it all. Because, even though no one can control matters of the heart, it isn't a good idea to come out with fatal wounds either.

If you're in a relationship, the cosmos suggest that you let them do their thing a little. Maybe they just need a bit of time to calm down, and then he or she will be the one that will seek you out.

If you're single, today you may meet many people that bring about conflicting feelings within you. To better understand their intentions, you just need to look them in the eye as deep as you can.


Today is a big day for those Pisces that are unemployed and actively searching for work.

The Universe will keep sending you signs throughout the day, that will be of great help for you to know where your path should lead you next.

Pay attention and trust your instincts, this will help you to be aware of how you should act at all times to avoid making mistakes.


When you can't quiet your mind, and you're afraid that your thoughts will end up overcoming you and making you lose control, meditation could be your only salvation.

You'll find a million different tutorials online that will help you to connect to yourself on the inside and see things much more clearly. Also, most of them are free, so this doesn't imply any expense for you.

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