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Pisces Daily Prediction for 4 December

Tuesday’s Pisces Forecast
Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today you'll be feeling suspicious from the get-go and you'll be all wrong about this.

What evidence justifies all of this jealousy and mistrust? Think about this first before making accusations that could end up offending others. You'll end up ruining everything with your judgments if you do this.

If you let your imagination get the most of you or if you listen to senseless gossip from a friend, you're on the wrong track, Pisces. You know that envy causes these things.

Discord sown by enemies must be denied with common sense and internal peace.

You can't go through life following your every whim.

Magic Horoscope recommends that you connect to your heart that could use some guidance right now. Look for a quiet space and meditate, here you'll find the answers you're looking for if you know how to relax and listen.


Today you'll receive significant profits or material earnings in your professional realm.

It's the perfect day to let your animal instincts guide you to find out what the world wants.

You are well aware of society's tendencies, and you know precisely where fashion and consumerism are headed. Don't ignore this innate virtue of yours and invest your time or money in a project related to these tendencies that you see on the horizon.

A contact from the past brings good news. This will be related to money that you thought you'd lost.


You'll be full of energy today as long as you don't start out by going overboard early on.

Speaking of going overboard, in this case, Magic Horoscope is also referring to too much work or even over-exercising as well.

With Mars so close, this makes you feel full of life, energy, and enthusiasm. But you're also moving a bit too fast, and you're somewhat irritable which could lead you to run out of steam, and maybe even get into an accident. Breathe and take your time.

Stay calm to keep yourself safe.

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