You've most likely experienced the strange feeling of slowly making your way to the top of a roller coaster and seeing that the drop keeps getting closer and closer if you like amusement parks. You may have even asked yourself what the heck you're doing all of the way up there if you already know what's about to come.

Something similar could happen to you today. You know what you shouldn't do, and even so, you keep moving hopelessly towards perdition. Because that's the way, you are, right Pisces? The key to getting out of this situation is in your hands, but you need to use all of your strength and willpower.

If you've been in a relationship for a while now, and you think that monotony and the routine are absorbing you, you need to search for a solution before it's too late and one of you two decides to end the relationship.

If you're single, and you're getting into a relationship that isn't good for you, Magic Horoscope recommends that you cut ties. Excuses are worthless, and if you don't do this before it's too late, you'll be the only one suffering, sweet fishy.



Not setting goals that you want to meet in the short, mid, and long-term could have you going through life like a chicken with its head cut off, stuck continuously in a spiral of dissatisfaction and complaints, without being able to find any solution.

What are you looking for right now? Where do you see yourself in ten years down the road? Do you want your life to be like this?

Spend time thinking about these questions today, and about anything else that you feel is important. After, you'll see that the negative aspects of your life will start to dissipate slowly. 



There are some essential foods out there that could help you to enjoy an optimum state of health, although they don't tend to have many fans, especially when it comes to youngsters. Fish and vegetables are two examples of this, that people tend to dislike without even checking out all of the unique recipes that are out there.

In reality, you can prepare these foods in thousands of different ways, and it would be impossible for you to dislike every single one of them. Taste, experiment, mix things up... And discover new and marvelous flavors!