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Pisces Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday’s Pisces Forecast
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Today you'll get back to working on family bonds. You'll have a lot of commitments on your plate today.

The day will be calm and full of happiness on the home front.

Explore your playful side that knows how to enjoy the simple things in life.

You'll catch the joyful, spirited side from the littlest ones and this will also lead you to consider your values and what's worth fighting for and the things that are truly important to you.

On a short trip, you'll meet someone that you'll be highly attracted to.


You might have to do a little bit of extra work today. It's good to feel like others care about your opinion and listen to your proposals and that's why you're happy to keep up your work relationship and present your ideas to implement improvements.

Using new technologies or different methods will help you to be more efficient, don't hesitate to do this.

Set clear goals and limits regarding your expenses and investments over the next few days. Otherwise, you might find that the numbers in your account hit zero more quickly than you expected.


You'd be in great shape if it wasn't for the hangover. Your liver might be suffering from your excessive consumption of fried foods, fatty meat, junk food, and alcoholic drinks, or maybe you've just been trying to digest your rage and helplessness. Drinking lemon juice in the morning before eating breakfast could help to detox your system. However, letting go and getting out of your comfort zone and facing changes in life more lightheartedly, wouldn't hurt either.

The color of the clothing that you wear affects your mood just as much as your health. Today wear green to attract health, harmony, and trust in your life.

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