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The Pisces Prediction for the Month of August

Your Pisces Prediction for August 2018
AugustHoroscope | Editorial Team


Love: Positivity and strengthening

It seems like the cosmos are very pleased with you and they'll receive you with a big smile this August. Ths will be a month full of positive energy, closer connections with the people that you trust, and continuity in your spiritual work.

Slowly you're learning to focus your mind on the positive and to separate yourself from the things that you don't find value in. The changes in your daily life will appear more quickly if you push yourself to hold onto the good things and let go of the bad ones. Your dramatic tendencies may make this task a bit difficult, but the planets indicate that it will all be worth it.


If you're in a relationship, you'll go through such a great period that you're sure to decide to take things one step further. Who knows, you might even decide to set a date to get married around the 8th.

However it's true that you'll face setbacks, but you're made for one another, so you'll fix this in a jiffy. You'll think that your partner is so wonderful that you'll even make some acquaintances jealous, but you should just keep doing your thing.


If you're single, you'll make several attempts at love, although you'll learn that, in order to love someone else, first you have to love yourself. You'll go through a phase of agitation when it comes to sexual encounters, so enjoy your freedom and fly until you reach your heaven that you'll never want to leave.

Money: New projects and economic stability

Out of all of the zodiac signs, if there's one that's able to generate significant wealth, it's you, Pisces. You just have to get all of the insecurities out of your head and those negative thoughts that keep you from soaring.

Consider new ways of generating income, and use your creativity to develop these strong ideas that you don't dare to use. Let yourself get carried away, the Universe has big plans for you, and many times you're your own worse enemy. You rule yourself out and underestimate yourself too soon.


This August is a month of experimentation, so if there's something that tempts you, but you haven't dared to do up until now, don't hesitate any longer: the time has come to try it.

Internet and new technologies are a great base to build your own empire on, you just have to train yourself a little in fields that you're unacquainted with, and then there will be absolutely nothing that can hold you back, Pisces friend!

Health: Regeneration and relaxation

Whatever health problems you've been struggling with for a while now, these will come to an end in this 8th month of the year. This is the case because, without knowing how, you'll experience a case of miraculous regeneration.

Well, the cosmos know: you've started putting your positive mindset into practice, and one of the first places where you'll see results is in your state of health.


However, it's true that you shouldn't trust this too much, since you're a sign that tends to be sedentary, and in the long-term, this can end up taking a toll on you. So, get moving if you don't want to end up in terrible shape, although you can avoid this by just exercising for a few minutes each day. Your body and your mind will thank you.


Make the most of your energy to strengthen all areas of your life that need a push. Although you can't expect to be a superhero since you need to compensate for activity with time for rest. If you're able to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you won't have any regrets.